My keynotes and speeches whet your appetite for new ideas.

For whom I speak

In short: for people who want impulses that are substantial and amusing.

Entrepreneurs, executives, associations - the topics of my keynotes are important for everyone. They are the topics of our time that move people: How can we find creative solutions to future problems and then implement them in a way that gets everyone involved?

I give my keynotes in international corporations to medium-sized companies, so in German as well as in English.


Problem lovers are the future gold

Until now, it was easy to find solutions: We strain our brains, compare with old problems and google every question. But our development is not linear, but exponential. This means that our problem-solving skills will also have to grow exponentially. Only problem lovers will have the opportunity to gain a foothold at all.

In this keynote, I'll awaken the love of problems in your employees.

60 - 90

Entrepreneurs and managers

Kickoff or annual event

German, English

We have to work hard on spontaneous ideas

Many small business owners and self-employed individuals are hoping for that one big idea that will change their business from the ground up. Surprise: unfortunately, this idea doesn't fall from the sky. For good and, above all, innovative ideas, we have to make some effort.

However, this keynote is about the fact that it is much easier than many think and how to get started.

60 minutes


Annual event

German, English

To hell with facts - How you can really inspire in change

Figures, data, facts - these are the most important things that can be communicated in a change? Of course not. But simple stories are not enough either. Really good change communication needs both and combines them. But that takes courage...

In this keynote, I will encourage you to think differently about change communication.

45 - 70

Managers and Change responsibles

Project Kickoff

German, English

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