Unleash your genius

Never average again:
Structure and link your knowledge in your Second Brain.


Why it works

We live in a time of information overload. Out of the desire for a little structure, we store new information in knowledge silos. But in everyday life, we think in networks all the time. At any time, we notice similarities or contrasts and discover new things.

In a Second Brain, we use precisely this principle.

Check out the benefits 

One place

All information is in just one place. You'll never have to search for where you put something again.

Multiple links

Because your knowledge is no longer stored in silos, you can keep making new connections, expanding your knowledge network.

Infinite possibilities

Whether you need to solve specific problems, write an article or looking for impulses for your coaching - your Second Brain will do it for you.


5 simple steps to your Second Brain

What will happen during
your journey?

For your personal Second Brain there are only 5 steps necessary.
The more experienced you are in the method, the more the steps merge.

  • The first step is to learn how to evaluate and prioritize information so that you only take in what is valuable enough for you personally. What this means for you is that you will overcome FOMO and siloed storage.
  • In the next step, you will learn how to structure the knowledge and map it in your Second Brain and decide which structure suits you and your way of working best. At the end of this step, you will also decide on the appropriate tool in which you want to manage your Second Brain.
  • The third step is probably the most exciting, because here you learn how to make random or conscious connections within your Second Brain.
  • A routine of your own is probably the most important thing you will develop during this time. Because your Second Brain will only be successful if you work on it and with it regularly. Your Second Brain routine will help you if it integrates into your daily life and supports you instead of demanding more time from you.
  • Over time, you will be able to realize more and more projects with your Second Brain. You will learn how to use it and harvest the valuable knowledge from it. Your Second Brain will be your sparring partner when you are looking for solutions to problems, need new impulses for your coaching or want to write professional articles. Even your next book will almost write itself.


What to do now

I am convinced that a Second Brain can change the way I work and my whole life.

How can I go on now?

There are three ways you can proceed now:


For readers
who want to take their time
or choose how fast to keep scrolling.


For online learners
who want to be flexible with their time
and interact with a community. 


For individualists
who value personal attention
and want to invest in themselves.

The Book

Want to create your Second Brain with a short and snappy explanation? Then the book "30 Minutes Second Brain" is just right for you. Here you will find a quick start.

Order your book with a personal dedication.

The online Course

Here you learn online through videos, worksheets and quizzes, ask your questions in the weekly live call and exchange ideas with like-minded people in the Second Brain community at any time.

The Mentoring

In any given year, I work with 10 people on their Second Brain. We work through all the steps at your personal pace. The focus is not simply on learning, but on sustainability. After the mentoring, you have integrated your personal Second Brain into everyday life.