Almost 15 years ago, I found out by accident that I am highly gifted, meaning that I have an IQ of over 130. That was a surprise for me that turned my whole life upside down.

Since then, I have been an active member of the Mensa in Germany (MinD e.V.) association and Mensa international.

In 2021, I launched the "Special Interest Group Writing." Here, members of Mensa who write in some form themselves can exchange ideas. For those around me, I am the first point of contact when there are questions or requests for contacts in this field.

German Speakers Association

More about 10 years ago I discovered Public Speaking as my passion and joined the German Speakers Association at the same time. There I am involved as coordinator of the Professional Expert Groups and since 2023 also as a member of the board team.

I love the kind of exchange among speakers that goes along the lines of, "Instead of getting the biggest piece of the pie possible, let's make the pie bigger and share it."


I love to take pictures. This hobby has accompanied me for so long that I even developed films myself in the darkroom. In fact, I have even won a few contests.

After school, I would have loved to train as a photographer. Today it is a hobby with which I spend free time and to which I meet with like-minded people for Fotowalks.


I live with my family in Goldbach in the Rhine-Main area. More than 15 years ago we moved here from the Ruhr area. But as befits a change maker, I would like to move on. So we are thinking of moving to the sea.