Why this book exists

About 10 years ago, I was at an event and experienced a wonderful speaker who really inspired me. I came out of the room feeling uplifted. While networking afterwards, we chatted a bit more about the impulses, and others felt the same way I did. In the evening I arrived home just totally exhausted, tired and satisfied.

The next day I had a mountain of emails from my customers, a presentation, phone calls... the usual madness. I was already uninspired that morning and it didn't take two days for the great ideas and impulses to be buried under the daily grind.

Almost 4 years later I'm at an event again. In front of me on the stage is a speaker who I find exciting. He starts his talk and it all seems somehow familiar to me. It takes me almost 20 minutes to realize that it is the exact same speaker with the exact same talk that I found so inspiring years before. I had simply forgotten about it.

What a pity for all the great thoughts, ideas and impulses. They just ran through me and disappeared into nothingness. What would have happened if I had followed up only a fraction of them? What would that have meant for my coaching? Or for my marketing?

I was pretty down in the dumps. I realized how much exciting information I might have already absorbed without doing anything with it. That was the starting point for me to look around for a way to record such information, find it again and use it further.

What this book is about

Today more than ever, we live in a knowledge society. But it is no longer enough to simply collect knowledge. If you want to survive in the future, you have to be able to generate new ideas from existing knowledge. A method known as Second Brain has recently become increasingly popular. It involves taking notes in a special way and linking them together with the aim of generating new ideas. Anyone who builds up and permanently establishes a Second Brain, i.e. a "second external brain" as a knowledge database with a compact collection of ideas, information, data, etc., can develop a whole range of creative solutions from it. Because each new note connects to existing ones, the number of links grows exponentially.

How to get my Second Brain
without getting bogged down
all the time